Dr. Solomon Isaac Passy

Dr. Solomon Isaac Passy is a Bulgarian scientist, statesman and innovator with a significant career in accomplishments fields.

He is the founding president of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, Minister of the Foreign Affairs (2001-2005), Chairman of the UN Security Council (2002 and 2003), OSCE Chairman in Office (2004), twice Chairman of Parliamentary Defence and the Foreign Affairs Committees and a member of the Parliament (1990-1991, 2001–2009).

He was the initiator (1990) to Bulgaria’s memberships in NATO and the EU and — as Minister — signatory to Bulgaria’s Accession Treaties to both organizations. The successful accomplishment of national goals — membership in NATO and EU — are the milestones in Dr. Passy carrier.

Dr. Passy holds a PhD in Mathematical Logic & Computer Sciences with publications in world leading journals and enjoys hundreds of citations worldwide.

Today Dr. Solomon Passy is frequent commentator on international affairs, defense and security.

Dr. Passy private consultancy company works with EU, American, Israeli and Australian corporations in defence industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and media.

Dr. Solomon and Gergana Passy authored the EU legislation for unified GSM chargers and free EU WiFi access #WiFi4EU and he is co-author of the draft for Bulgarian Space Law.